Winkler Aqua-Service Ltd. was founded in 1991 in Germany as a family business. The company was based on its key management and engineering expertise in the areas of waste water treatment, geothermal energy, and water filtration. The company  had  50 employees , installed over 360,000 km of pipeline, 100 geothermal systems, 80 biological sewer systems and had experience in  specialized horizontal and vertical drilling. It ran successfully from 1991 – 2008 until being acquired by a larger firm and subsequently absorbed into their corporate structure.

The Winkler family immigrated to Canada in 2009 through  the NB Provincial Nominee Program. The New Brunswick government has been supportive in setting up the business in the province.  Active participation in the Business Mentorship Program through the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce, the Activator Program as well as the Export Partnering Program through ACOA and the University of New Brunswick has allowed the company to establish stronger ties with businesses and government officials throughout Atlantic Canada and the New England states. Winkler Aqua-Service has extensive experience and  knowledge in the field of biological solutions for waste water treatment (BSW).